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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


It is with sorrow that we must
 announce Dietrich Stroeh's passing.
A kind man who truly wanted to touch the lives of others has done so in many ways.
 Here are some examples:
NCTV Tribute
Marin IJ
Novato Theater

Listen:  Good Grief

His Most Recent Blog Posts:

Three Months: A Caregiving Journey from Heartbreak to Healing is both a love story and a guidebook. Anyone going through an experience with a terminal illness would benefit from reading it."
Dr. Kim Allison, MD, Author of Red Sunshine  and Director of Breast Pathology, University of Washington Medical Center

"Dietrich Stroeh's beautiful, heartwrenching and, yes, often humorous account of his wife's cancer is a must-read for anyone diagnosed with terminal cancer and also, for the caregiver, who is often left navigating uncharted medical and emotional waters.  The tips and resource information that lace through his book are invaluable.  Dietrich Stroeh has taken the reader of this book on his own personal path and describes what allowed him to emerge on the other side, changed, but able to find happiness once again.  As an oncologist, I found it illuminating and would highly recommend it to my patients and their families." 
Dr. Alex Metzger, MD,  Pacific Specialty Care, Greenbrae, CA

Paperback: $19.95
 ISBN 9780982288856
E-Book: $7.99